• Convert low-definition videos to 4K quality
  • Improve the clarity of outdated videos
  • Enlarge the video by 200% without any deterioration in its quality.


  • Easy to use
  • Offer a free trial to increase video quality free


  • For Windows only
  • Limited upscaling options

Part 3: How to Choose the Right Video Upscaling Software

If you're looking for video upscaling software, there are certain things you'll want to consider. These include the resolution it can upscale your videos to, its video support, and price. Some video upscaling software can upscale your videos to 4K or 8K resolutions. However, not all video editing software can upscale videos to 4K or 8K. It's important to check the resolution limits of the software you're considering before you buy. Video upscaling software also supports different video file formats. So, make sure you choose software that can upscale your video file. If you're using video files that are on external storage, you'll also want to make sure the software can access those files. Some video upscaling software is also available as a plug-in for your video editing software. This is a convenient option, but it can be more expensive than standalone software.

Part 4: Tips for Getting the Best Results When Upscaling Videos

When you upscale your videos, you're increasing the resolution of your video. This means you'll want to follow a few guidelines to get the best results.

First, make sure your video has the correct aspect ratio. You should also make sure your video is properly aligned and cropped. Once you've followed these guidelines, you can upscale your video to get a high-quality output. Keep in mind that you can only upscale your video so much. If you upscale your video too much, you will notice that it looks strange. That's because it's difficult to upscale a video and get it to look like a high-quality video after that.


Thanks for reading and we hope you found our review of video upscaling software packages helpful in finding the best video upscaling software to ensure your video files look their best. With video upscaling software, you can easily and quickly upscale video files from 480p or 720p to 1080p, 4K and even 8K with amazing results. Give video upscaling a try today! You won't regret it.

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