Introduction to AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI allows users to select a specific part of the image for editing. Read this page to learn how to use the selection tools.

Selection Tools

menu button Brush: Use a brush to select freely, you can adjust the brush size to ensure precise selection.

menu button Object selection: Make selections by clicking on the image. Left-click to expand regions and right-click to subtract regions from the selection on the image.

menu button Rectangle selection: Select areas in a square or rectangular shape.

menu button Circle selection: Select an area in a circular shape.

menu button Foreground selection: Click this button to select the foreground.

menu button Background selection: Click this button to select the background.

menu button Load from local: Import a local PNG image mask.


1. You can right-click to subtract the selected regions when using brush, object, rectangle and circle selection tools.

2. There will be a bottom bar with options to remove all masks, reverse and restore the selections.

bottom selection tools