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PhotoPro AI Settings

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI provides you with many settings options and shortcut keys. Read this page to learn how to configure these settings for the best performance of this program.


You can click the menu button to open the Settings window.

AI Processor: Select the CPU or GPU to process photos. If your computer has a dedicated GPU, do not hesitate to select it as your AI processor for faster speed.

Max Memory Consumption: Set this to the highest or high when the program is not being used with other source-intensive programs (Photoshop, After Effects, or Adobe Premiere Pro). When set to highest or high, the application will maximize your computer's RAM and GPU memory.

Output Format: Choose the format you want to save the output file.

Output Path: Set the location where your output file is saved.

Note: You are allowed to change the global settings on each save operation.


Advanced Settings

NVIDIA TensorRT Acceleration: Enable this option to optimize and accelerate the inference of deep neural networks on NVIDIA GPUs.

Stylize Level: Customize the level of stylization for the Stylize tool.

advanced settings

Shortcut Keys

Comand Meaning
Ctrl+S Save current picture
Ctrl+Z Undo the previous operation
Ctrl+D Deselect all content
Ctrl+I Reverse selection
Ctrl+1 Zoom the canvas to 100%
Ctrl+0 Zoom the canvas to fit window size
Mouse wheel up Zoom in on canvas
Mouse wheel down Zoom out on canvas
Alt + Left click Drag the image