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AVCLabs PhotoPro AI User Guide

The Replace tool enables you to select any object in the image and replace it with a new AI-generated object by entering descriptive text.

AI Replace

1. Click the Replace tool on the left menu bar.

ai replace

2. Select the target you want to replace in the image with Selection Tools. Enter a text prompt to describe the replacement object. You can also enter a negative prompt to specify what you don't want to see in the image.

enter prompt

3. Click Apply, and the program will generate a replacement object based on your text prompt.

ai replaced image

4. If you are satisfied with the result, click Export to save the final image.


Trial users can utilize the AI Replace feature up to 30 times without charge.

Paid subscribers receive 1000 usage opportunities per month as a bonus. Any unused bonus opportunities will reset to zero at the end of each month.

If you used up the opportunities, you have the option to purchase an Additional Plan. Click here to learn more information about the Additional Plan.