Useful Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Videos and Photos

How to Restore and Improve Old Video Quality

"I have some old Iranian movies. The quality and color of them are really bad. I wonder is there any solution for that?"

Is there an app to improve old video quality and how to restore the quality of old videos? This has been getting more attention. You guys must be very interested in the software that can restore the quality of old videos and be getting wonder how to do it.

Restoring video quality is of great significance, especially for old videos, such as old family videos, DVDs, and VHDs. The reason for restoring old video quality is to make the video image clear visually and make the quality and video details enhanced. In recent years, more and more classic movies have reappeared in the theater with the help of digital high-definition restoration. The film restoration industry has gradually come to the attention of the larger public.

restore old video

Part 1: Why You Need to Restore Old Video Quality

For these old videos, they were shot relatively in low resolution given the technology of that time. With the resolution continuing to improve and shooting equipment constantly to be advanced, the quality of these videos looks rough when it is played, although it looked good base on the criteria at that time. And most of them were in VCD/DVD format. Now, it is time to find some ways to make your old video restored and come to life again!

In addition, if you are the 80s and 90s children, then you probably have some old memories about your previous generation and things about that time. Your father or family members might have a video camera to record your family routine, the happy and interesting fragments of your childhood, or vacation moments with your family, or then burn them on DVD for video collection. As you look back at these videos, you will realize that these videos are your precious memories and you value them.

Part 2: Restore Old Video and Improve Quality with AI

To preserve the classics and your memories in the 1990s or earlier, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI comes to help you restore old videos and enhance the quality of these old videos automatically and intelligently. Let's look at how to do it.

Key Features of AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

  • Improve the quality and resolution of old video
  • Enhance video quality with multi-frame
  • Reduce noise to fix the noisy and grainy video
  • Recover and refine facial details with AI
  • Colorize B&W videos to bring them to life
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Can't wait to restore and improve your old videos quality with this AI-powered video enhancer? Read on the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to do it effortlessly.

Step 1: Launch AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Note: Before restoring old videos with AI, you'd better click here to check the system and hardware requirements to use Video Enhancer AI

Download the installer of AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI, then click to launch the setup or dmg file. After installing, launch AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI.

Then, click the 'Browse' button to import your old video.

main interface

Step 2: Configure the Model Settings

In the right panel of the program, you can select the AI model, and configure the model settings.

add video

01. Model List

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI provides users with three AI models: AI Upscaler, Denoise, and AI Colorizer.

If you want to increase the video resolution as well as enhance video quality, you can select "AI Upsaler" as the AI model.

If you want to colorize the old black-and-white videos, you can select "AI Colorizer" as the AI model.

model list

02. Model Settings

Here we choose "AI Upscaler" as the AI model and start to configure the model settings.

Click the "setting icon"button to configure the "Upscale" model as Standard, Ultra, Standard(Multi-Frame), and Ultra(Multi-Frame).

Select "Face Refinement" if you need to recover and enhance facial details.

model settings

Step 3: Configure the Video and Output Settings

01. Video Settings: Under the "Video Settings", you can adjust the video color (Brightness, Saturation, and Contrast), crop video to fill frame, and deinterlace

video settings

02. Output Settings: Under the "Output Settings", you can change the Video Size (Resolution) and Video Format. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI supports exporting videos as MP4(H.264), MP4(H.265), MKV(H.264), AVI(Uncompressed), and MOV(ProRes 422HQ.)

output settings

Step 4: Start restoring quality of your old videos

After everything is ready, now you can go to click the "Start Processing" button to render the videos. To process your video in high efficiency, please make sure your computer has a powerful CPU and NVIDIA Graphics cards (NVIDIA GTX 1650 S and uppder are recommended).

preview and start processing

That's it. Easy-to-use and intuitive. So what are you waiting for? Upload your old videos, films, TV Shows, anime, and AVCLabs gets to bring them new life.