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Useful Tips to Edit, Enhance and Optimize Photos with AI

Free AI Photo Editor to Auto Erase and Replace Objects

Have you ever tried to explore how creative your photos can be by replacing elements or parts of your images? For example, change your hair color and outfit with just a few clicks, or even add some objects to the photo that weren't originally there. Sound like a complicated editing process? Erasing and replacing objects from the image is now easier than ever with the emergence of AI photo editors and replacers.

ai photo editor replace object

Part 1: What is Object Replacement and Removal

Object removal and replacement refer to eliminating unwanted elements from an image or seamlessly integrating new ones. This can range from removing blemishes or distractions to substituting backgrounds or adding entirely new objects to the scene. The technical process behind this functionality relies heavily on advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze the image composition and intelligently manipulate its elements. This article selects three AI photo editors that perform well in replacing objects and will show how to use them. The following is a quick overview.

Name Platforms Highlight Replacement Effect Free Trial Link
AVCLabs PhotoPro AI Windows and Mac Comprehensive AI tools to address photo-quality issues; 6 different selection tools for quick and accurate object selection. Good Yes, 30-times-free generation Learn More
Runway Web-based Four generated images for user selection each time. Good Yes, 125 free credits Learn More
Phot.AI Web-based Four generated images for user selection each time. Good Yes, but download in SD quality Learn More

Part 2: How to Erase and Replace Objects with AI Photo Editor

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI is an advanced software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and replace any part of the image with new AI-generated objects. This versatile AI photo editor offers a suite of eight tools designed to address various image quality issues, for example, upscale images to higher resolution without losing quality, enhance images to HD & 4K quality, restore and colorize black-and-white images, remove objects and people from photos with the Inpaint AI technology, cut out images to remove background, etc. Notably, its 'Replace' feature enables users to precisely select portions of an image and generate new objects with ease, all through a simple text prompt.

Key Features of AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Erase and replace objects with text prompts.
  • Remove watermarks, objects, and people.
  • Enhance photo quality with advanced technology.
  • Upscale photos up to 3x, 4x without losing quality.
  • Colorize B&W photo to make it come to life again.
photopro ai icon

Steps to Replace Objects with AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Step 1: Upload a Photo to AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Install and run AVCLabs PhotoPro AI. Click the Browse button or drag and drop to upload an image.

upload an image

Step 2: Select the Object to be Replaced

Click the Replace tool on the left menu bar and select the part or object that is to be replaced. There are different tools to help make the selection: brush tool, object selection tool, rectangle & circle selection tools, background & foreground selection tools. Choose one according to your needs and preferences.

Tips: Left-click to select the object and right-click to subtract the selected regions.

highlight the object to be replaced

Step 3: Enter a Text Prompt

Enter a text prompt to describe what you want to generate, and separate them with commas. For a more precise generation, describing what you DO NOT want to see in the Negative Prompt box is recommended. Then hit the Apply button to start processing.

Step 4: Export the Image

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can change your prompt or just click Apply to regenerate it until getting a satisfying result. Finally, hit the Export button to save it.

replace the object

Video Tutorial: Erase and Replace Objects with AI Photo Editor

Part 3: Online Alternatives to Replace Objects

1. Runway

Runway is a groundbreaking platform at the forefront of the intersection between artificial intelligence and creative expression. Offering diverse tools and resources, Runway empowers creators, artists, developers, and enthusiasts alike to explore the vast possibilities of AI-driven creativity. For instance, users can utilize its AI video generators to bring their ideas to life and effortlessly remove and replace objects in images by inputting descriptive text. For those eager to explore Runway's AI tools and content creation features, the platform offers 125 free credits upon registration.

runway replace object

How to Replace Objects with Runway

Step 1: Upload an image from your computer or assets in Runway. Choose a brush size and paint over the subject you wish to replace.

Step 2: Enter a detailed text prompt for optimal results and click "Generate" to generate what you want.

select the object and enter prompt

Step 3: Runway generates 4 pictures at a time by default, and you can choose the one with the best effect. Subsequently, the image can be downloaded to your assets or directly to your computer.

 save generated images

2. Phot.AI

Phot.AI is an online AI photo editor that facilitates the addition of objects to images using a brush and text prompt. It now supports JPG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP formats, with a maximum file size of 5 MB. Its primary functions include Replace Object, Remove Objects, and Edit Background. Specifically focusing on the Replace Object feature, it provides users with four image options to choose from each time it generates results. Although Phot.AI is free to use, users can only download images in SD quality (If you use the AI Replacer tool). In addition, after uploading images, the editing page is rather small and not very convenient for detailed editing.

How to Replace Objects with Phot.AI

Step 1: Access the Phot.AI website and click the Upload button to import an image.

Step 2: Utilize the brush tool to highlight the element you wish to replace.

enter a prompt

Step 3: Enter a prompt to specify the replacement element and click the Generate button. After a brief processing period, four images will be generated. Simply click Download button to save the chosen image to your local storage.

download images


The emergence of AI photo editors and replacers has significantly simplified the process of erasing and replacing objects in images, offering users unprecedented control and versatility in their creative endeavors. Whether utilizing advanced software like AVCLabs PhotoPro AI or exploring online platforms like Runway and Phot.AI, individuals now have access to a diverse range of tools and resources to unleash their creativity and transform their images with ease. Looking ahead, advancements in AI technology promise to deliver even more sophisticated editing capabilities, with enhanced accuracy, realism, and efficiency.