Version History of AVCLabs Video Blur AI for Mac

# V2.4.0 February 26, 2024

1. New face tracking model, enhancing face detection and recognition accuracy.

2. Added adjustable parameter for blur size.

3. Added adjustments for minimum pixel size in face recognition and face comparison accuracy.

# V2.3.1 November 21, 2023

1. Support adjusting the output bitrate.

2. The default shape for blurring faces is set as circular.

3. Fixed interface resizing issue after being enlarged on a notebook.

4. Other bug fixes and program performance optimizations.

# V2.3.0 November 08, 2023

1. Add license plate blurring function.

2. Add mosaic types and sticker functionality.

3. Fix the issue of poor mosaic effect when zooming in on a person's face.

4. Model optimization.

# V2.2.1 August 22, 2023

1. New release.