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Version History of AVCLabs PhotoPro AI for Windows

# V1.3.0 May 22, 2024

1. Updated background removal model for better cutout.

2. Automatic NVIDIA CUDA core detection for improved GPU acceleration.

3. Other bug fixes, including: inability to save large images, imperfect object removal effect, residual shadows at edges with Inpaint and Replace tools.

# V1.2.0 March 19, 2024

1. Brand new UI interface.

2. Added AI Replace function.

3. Other optimizations and fixes.

# V1.1.0 October 23, 2023

1. Brand new Inpaint model to improve the outcomes of Object Removal.

2. Support TensorRT models for faster image processing.

3. Add a Super Ultra model to improve the outcomes of image upscaling.

4. Optimize the downloading process of AI models, dependencies, and other necessary components.

5. Modify output rules.

# V1.0.1 July 20, 2023

1. Add the option to choose from Dark or Light color mode.

2. Other optimizations and fixes.

# V1.0.0 June 15, 2023

1. New released.