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AVCLabs Mac DRM Software

The Best DRM Removal Software for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6

DRM, which stands for digital rights management, is most commonly used by the entertainment industry (e.g., movie and music). Now, it is gaining more widespread use in other media as well. Many online music stores, such as Apple's iTunes Store, Napster music store, Wal-Mart Music Downloads as well as many e-book publishers, have imposed DRM on their customers.

Due to the strong opposition to DRM, many companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Walmart, OverDrive have begun advertising their products as "DRM-Free". Most notably, Apple began selling "DRM-Free" music through their iTunes store in April 2007. On 6 January 2009 Apple announced at the 2009 Macworld Conference & Expo that they had reached an agreement with major record labels to sell all music on the iTunes Store free of DRM restrictions. Eight million tracks were available with FairPlay restrictions removed from that day with the remainder of the music store to be DRM-free by the end of March 2009.

However, Movies and Television Shows bought from iTunes Store will still contain DRM restrictions. In order to help users to bypass DRM protection, AVCLabs has developed two DRM removal software applications, M4V Converter Plus and Audiobook Converter, which are designed to remove DRM from movies, television shows and audiobooks purchased from iTunes Store.

AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus for Mac

iTunes Store offers downloads of music videos, popular TV shows (e.g. Lost and Desperate Housewives), and Hollywood movies. You can buy or rent them in standard or high definition (HD) and watch on your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or television via Apple TV. Free Video Converter for Mac

Movies and television shows purchased and rented from iTunes Store are encoded as1.5 Mbit/s (minimum) Protected MPEG-4video (.m4v) with a minimum 128 kbit/s AAC audio track. The DRM video content can not be played on computers not authorized to the purchaser's iTunes account. If you want to play your iTunes video purchases and rentals on any computer and portable devices, AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus can give you a hand.



Kill DRM and convert iTunes M4V movies to MP4 for portable devices

AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus is a powerful M4V video converter tool. It records m4v video you purchased or rental to AVI, MPG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, 3G2, or MP4 format for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Gphone, Zune, Mobile Phone and more portable devices. The conversion is fast, for it offers amazing recorded speed. It won't take much time to finish conversion. The DRM removal does no harm to the video quality, and the conversion almost keeps the original definition.

What can AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus do for you?

• Remove DRM Protection from iTunes purchased and rented Movies, Music Videos, and TV Shows.

• Convert iTunes M4V Video to MP4, MPG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, 3G2, or AVI format.

• Convert M4V Video to Portable Devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Blackberry, and more.

• Support Batch Conversion and large video file conversion (> 2GB).

• Customize parameters for output files: video format, image size, frame rate, etc.

AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus is well compatible with Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Download the free trial version of M4V Converter Plus which can convert only 3 minutes for each movie while the full version has no such limit. If you feel satisfy with the evaluation version, you can buy a license at only $49.95 to unlock the limitation.

We accept Credit/Debit card (Visa/MasterCard), Bank/Wire transfer, American Express Card, Diners Club Card, JCB Card, and Credit/Debit card (Payment information by Fax). You can choose any one of these payment methods to purchased our AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus.

License key for registering AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus will be delivered to your email address as provided in the order form. Please use the key to activate AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus so that there will be no limit when you use the AVCLabs M4V Converter Plus to convert your iTunes purchased and rented M4V movies.



AVCLabs Audiobook Converter for Mac

Want to catch up on your reading by listening? The iTunes Store includes over 20,000 audiobooks, provided by Audible.com. These audiobooks are encoded at 32 kbit/s (22.050-24.000 kHz, mono) and 64 kbit/s (22.050 kHz, stereo) in DRM protected .aa format. You’ll find thousands of titles, and the list keeps growing. Browse biographies, mysteries, comedies, classics, self-help books, and more. Download and listen on your computer or iPod.Free DVD Copy Software

Since the audiobooks from the iTunes Store are DRM protected, you can only play it on limited media devices. Besides, the file size of an audiobook is quite large which is too big to be saved in your MP3 player or mobile phone. So, you need to get a software tool to help you to disable DRM and split a long audio book into several small segments. Wondering how to do this? Free download AVCLabs Audiobook Converter for Mac, and it can help you complete the task.



Remove DRM and convert purchased .aa and .m4b audio books to MP3 or AAC format

AVCLabs Audiobook Converter is an all-in-one DRM removal tool to record audio book and encode to MP3 or AAC in 5X speed and CD quality. This Audiobook Converter doesn't crack any DRM control. It works with iTunes and sound recording technology to convert any audiobooks from iTunes on MAC OS X to MP3 or AAC files. Converts purchased AA to MP3 or AAC files. Batch converts DRM protected or unprotected audio books to unprotected MP3 or AAC files with ID tags preserved.

Embed with a smart AudioSplitter, AVCLabs Audiobook Converter can easily split a big audiobook into several small pieces to fit your portal MP3 player.

What can AVCLabs Audiobook Converter do for you?

• Remove DRM Protection from audiobooks purchased from iTunes and Audible.

• Convert Audiobook to MP3 or AAC format with superb fast sound recording speed.

• Keep Chapters Intact if you choose AAC as output format.

• Batch Conversion Supported: you can convert several audiobooks at a time.

• Customize Output Parameters such as bitrate, bitrate type, sample rate, channels.

• Split Big Audiobook: split a big audio book file into several small pieces to fit your portable devices.

AVCLabs Audiobook Converter is an easy-to-use application for any kind of DRM protected and non-protected audio books e.g. AA (Audible), M4B (iTunes), etc. It easily converts audiobooks to MP3 and AAC format for happy listening on any playing device for example Zune, Sansa, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, BlackBerry, PSP, any other MP3 player and cell phone. Actually AVCLabs Audiobook Converter can convert ANY audiobook to MP3 or AAC with one and only requirement that audiobooks can be played on the iTunes.

AVCLabs' DRM conversion feature helps to avoid limitations of DRM protected iTunes media, and it's able to convert M4B to MP3, M4B to AAC, etc. Besides, AVCLabs M4B to MP3 converter has many useful features like overwrite existing file after conversion, automatically check update on startup, keep chapters, split audiobook, batch conversion mode converting audiobooks to MP3 etc. Tired of pesky iTunes DRM protection? Just run AVCLabs Audiobook Converter and convert M4B to MP3 for any player.

AVCLabs audiobook to MP3 converter is extremely useful when you download Audible audiobooks in copy-protected AA format. The program can easily convert AA to MP3, AA to AAC format and get rid of audio book DRM protection. One of AVCLabs Audiobook Converter distinctive features is conversion speed which only depends on the power of your Mac. You can convert AA audiobooks to MP3 in a bunch. AVCLabs Audiobook Converter's ability to convert AA to MP3 format really saves the day for thousands audiobook fans!


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